coloring dark scenes


First I wanted to apologize for my horrible english. And I would be grateful if you give your like/reblog in this post if it was helpful, it’s so gentle. Tutorial by colorizepsd. Other example: x x



Let’s go to do this:

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Coloring Tutorial: How to Match Screencaps to Color Palette


  • Explanation of how I made this graphic
  • I’m using CS6, but other versions should all work
  • This is pretty photo based
  • Final Result:


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PSD 082 BY COLORING-PSD - (thank you boxgifs).

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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (PART V)
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  • 245x160 px
  • you can request gifs here


Begpsds - psd 154

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Hi this is the psd 47 made by arescoloring! I hope you like the effect! Please don’t claim as your own and if you downloaded like or reblog. Enjoy!! xx


If you use Photoshop but don’t have Topaz Labs installed, you’re missing out on half of the experience! Topaz Labs is one of the most well-known and esteemed plugins for photo editing; however, it normally costs almost $400. Unless you’re a professionally liscensed photo editor, you’re probably not going to have the cash for that, which is why I’m going to show you how I got the full Topaz Labs collection straight from the original provider for free. (This method works for both Windows and Mac, and I have tested it myself)

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gifs4edit teen wolf by gabs

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                           celebrating 30,000 followers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
                                        (and two years online!)

so yes, still cannot believe it after all this time. itsphotoshop is turning two years old this august 24th, that’s 15,000 followers per year and 1250 per month, which is insane - or at least makes us feel extremely happy :) so here’s this texture (.jpg) + templates (.psd) pack with notebooks, opened books, closed books, envelopes, pages, photo albums, et cetera. shout out to this pack by pohroro which is very similar and beautiful.

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  • here are the dlinks → da | cl

  • how to use wait five seconds and click the button on the right-top corner of your screen. thanks so much !!                (if you use adblock, you can stop it from acting in’s pages).

hope you are having a great summer. we love you :D


This pack contains
  • 10 textures
  • 500x500 px
  • colorful and bright
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Download: DA                 [x]
my other colorful packs: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]


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Graphic Tutorial #9


This tutorial is a product of me just playing around on Photoshop. I asked if anyone wanted to see a tutorial on it and the response was more than I expected! So here we go! This is another one of those tutorials that isn’t exactly a beginner tutorial. So let me know if you need any help with any of these steps and tag me in your results so I can see what you’ve created! 

You will need: 


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Em comemoração aos 3 anos do alwayshtml, eu e a Jenni montamos esse pack pra vocês, com varias coisinhas, tem de tudo um pouco! Espero que gostem, porque deu muuuuito trabalho, mas foi feito com muito carinho pra vocês! E muito obrigada por esses 3 anos aqui, amo vocês demaisObrigada por tudo amores :’)

Enfim, nesse pack, contém:

  • 90 Livros Originais em PDF.
  • 2 Themes. {preview - preview}
  • 3 Actions.
  • 200 Dash Headers.
  • 20 Styles.
  • 486 Icons p/ Twitter.
  • 531 Dash Icons.
  • 150 Fontes.
  • 10 Psds.
  • 10 Templates.
  • 120 Random Headers p/ Twitter.
  • 300 Headers p/ Twitter de Artistas Variados.
  • 100 Random Pics.
  • 300 Brushes p/ Headers.
  • Bônus.

Para conseguir esse pack, você deve seguir as seguintes regrinhas:

  • Estar nos seguindo (alwayshtml).
  • Reblogar esse post (likes não valem).
  • Pedir na ask: “Pack Happy Birthday AH”.

graphic tutorial #1


okay so some people wanted a graphic tutorial, and i’m going to be making something like this 

tutorial includes (based on the example above):

  • making the background
  • adding the “shadow” behind the render
  • adding a PSD
  • "moving words" 
  • "fading effect"
  • adding a moving gif to your graphic
  • watermarking

finished products:


tutorial under the cut

warning: reallyyyyy long and image heavy, i’m sorry if you’re on mobile

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