adorkablelena’s psd #3

  • a requested simple psd for shows/movies 
  • focus on adjusting curves, brightness/contrast, neutral selective colors, and colour balance
  • optional layers for scenes too yellow or too blue
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Photoshop tutorials I did this past week for class, I made a list of the links for the tutorials so you could do them yourself if you like the way they look.


↳ couture ✖ dia ✖ pacifico ✖ saniretro ✖ good day ✖ foxes in love ✖

"Você faz pedido de capas para página ?"

Oi meu amor, faço sim!! (desculpa a demora, to meio na correria) 



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Gifs for you edit by hunteredit

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"Share your talents, be proud of who you are and what you do and the things that you love." - Happy 27th Birthday, Tyler Hoechlin!

    Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Extended + Timeline by colorizepsd

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This is a video going over how I personally use textures inside Adobe Photoshop. This goes over multiple different ways to use textures including blending modes, levels, and creating texture maps.

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How to untag a BW photo. This is strictly for black and white photos. I will soon have a tutorial up on how to color a bw photo so it looks really nice :)

Tutorial : Topaz Effect (EN)



signaling: this effect is not accurate Topaz is one of the own photoshop effects. It is “especially” for those who have topaz.

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Happy 27th Birthday Tyler Lee Hoechlin!  [ September 11, 1987 ]

coloring dark scenes


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Let’s go to do this:

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